About Us


The world is a glass. Not only is it half full. It is half full of that excellent vintage you first savored in Montalcino. Enjoying it now reaffirms that life is to be lived. Not tomorrow. Not later. But now. This instant. Pull on your favorite jeans, slip into those boots [loafers or mocs?] that have become best friends and, ah yes, it is definitely a say-something shirt day. vluxe. It makes you smile just thinking about it. And smiling, friends, engaging conversation, and relaxed fun is something that always comes easy and seems right. Live. Love. vluxe. It’s a state of mind. A way of life. The good life.

I am that joie de vivre. That sense that today will hold a good rhythm, many smiles and the chance for new acquaintances. I am the enjoyment of "best" friends, and that special connection with your ‘best’ friend and soul mate. I am the memory of that tiny hilltop village approached through cypress-lined roads where you learned the finer points of a perfect Marsala sauce. I am the new experience you seek ... the fresh idea you encounter ... the corner of your spirit that awaits discovery. I am the smile you can wear not just on your face, but also easily and comfortably on your very back.

  • happy In a fashion world that can take itself a bit too seriously, here is a collection of shirts for the life-loving man. It is a contagious smile and sets the stage for times of warm laughter, lively conversation, and everyday enjoyment. A shirt that feels like you’re slipping into a good mood.
  • individual expression Self assured, unafraid, expressive. vluxe is no shirt for a man who wants to be part of the pack. Nor is it the screaming life of the party. The vluxe man knows who he is, dresses to suit himself, and likes his wardrobe to reflect his easygoing, positive approach to life. Friendly, but not frivolous. Exciting, but not loud. Sexy, but subtle. A man among men, but distinctly one of a kind.
  • quality with style Vluxe likes to laugh, loves fresh ideas in design, but is painstakingly serious about quality. Hold a vluxe shirt in your hand and consider the fabric, the workmanship, the detailing. There is nothing transitory or temporary about this garment. It is cut and constructed to look spectacular on its owner and to continue doing so for years to come. A solemn promise of quality married with distinctive, expressive designs. vluxe. The best, with its own brand of style.

When a man named Lucky makes a shirt called vluxe, you know there’s got to be a story to it. Here is the story opened to today’s page: vluxe embodies the lifelong passion to make a garment that both feels good on and makes you feel good inside. It achieves the dream of turning good times into beautiful shirts. vluxe is life. It is love. It is you. Wear it in good humor. Wear it as the story of your life unfolds.